Client Testimonials

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Photo courtesy Kenny Wehn

I started to work with Nick after several months of being injured (and trying to train and race through it.) Nick figured out the best approach to treat my injury and how to work to get me back on track. I appreciated his caution, patience and know-how. After just a few sessions, I was feeling significantly better. He knows his stuff. Nick also has a great balance of professionalism and personality. He always had my workouts prepared before meeting, so we’d get a lot accomplished and with some good laughs in the process. If you’re looking for a personal trainer, I highly recommend this guy.

–Judy Freeman, Pro Cyclocross/Mountain Bike Competitor

Simone's PictureI have been working individually with Nick for almost 2 years and his professional expertise has immensely helped me in my fitness goals. This year, at age 40, I ran my fastest 5k and 10k ever. Working with Nick is a pleasure, he takes pride in what he does and is always willing to discuss and explain training strategies and physiology. His degree in Biochemistry also allows him to be extremely effective in complementing training with a nutritional program that will enhance your results. While training with Nick I underwent shoulder surgery due to an overuse climbing injury and by working with Nick, I was able to get back on climbing routes much earlier than doctors had estimated! Overall, Nick has been fantastic in helping me to surpass my fitness goals, all while keeping me healthy in the process and speeding up my shoulder recovery.

–Simone Nicolò, Senior Software Engineer at Google

I owe each of my full and half Ironman finishes to Nick. His deep knowledge of human anatomy puts him on a high level when it comes to trainers. If you’re training for an event or competition, Nick doesn’t only focus on preparing you for that event. More importantly, he uses his knowledge to keep you injury free so you can compete at your best.

If you just want to stay in shape and be healthy, Nick’s holistic approach will get you there. And don’t let his calm demeanor fool you. He brings a quiet intensity to every workout to ensure you’re getting most out the time you spend with him. Simply put, I give Nick the highest recommendation.

-Lane Hornung, Founder and CEO 8z Real Estate

Tristan's PhotoI trained with Nick while I was on my school’s dance team. The core strength, arm strength, and cardio improvements I achieved really helped me during practices and performances. He pushed me to my extreme and I left each session feeling both accomplished and fatigued. Nick is great because he’s able to motivate you to work harder-while still being clear about where your body should be and what you should be feeling.

I have devoted a lot of my own time to teaching and researching physiology, so I understand the importance of completing exercises correctly. Nick’s exercise physiology expertise is an essential attribute to ensure his clients have correct alignment and prevent injury. He is very thorough. I really appreciated the time Nick would take to explain and write down my exercise programs so that I could successfully complete well-rounded workouts on the days I did not train with him. He also helped me develop a more balanced and healthy diet to go along with my training program.

Nick is an excellent trainer that I would highly recommend to anyone. His energy and enthusiasm for training make his sessions fun, (yes, fun – I often got a bonus core workout from laughing) and I was beyond pleased with the improvements I made in physical fitness.

–Tristan Dear, Denver Broncos Cheerleader, Professional Research Assistant

Jackson's PhotoMy name is Jackson McCabe, and I am a member of the US Paralympic Soccer Team. I’ve been training with Nick for four years, and he has helped me reach the levels of speed and strength I need to be competitive. Thanks to Nick I was able to make the roster for the 2013 Intercontinental Cup in Barcelona, and in doing so I became the youngest member of the team.

–Jackson McCabe, US Paralympic Soccer Team

SusanOI first started training with Nick five years ago, and I thought all I wanted to do was maintain the weight loss that I had just achieved—maybe drop a few more pounds. After 10 training sessions I’d lost an additional 21 pounds and 14.2% of my body fat! I felt amazing and wanted to engage in more challenging workouts. So, we started exploring Powerlifting. He’s all about proper form and technique-demonstrating what I need to do, coaching me while I am doing it, and providing information on why I’m performing certain exercises. He also keeps our training sessions fun with his great sense of humor.

I appreciate Nick’s unique ability to push me beyond what I think I am capable of doing. I’m surprised by the amount of weight I am able to lift. He has also inspired me to get outside to hike, bike, and run. I completed my first duathlon
(bike, run, bike,) and finished first in my age group. I have never felt stronger than I do now.

Nick was (and still is) a huge influence on me in transitioning to a new lifestyle that includes a focus on overall strength, flexibility, fitness, and nutrition. He’s helped me change my eating habits and make better food choices. These changes, in addition to my weekly training sessions, allowed me to eliminate my blood pressure and cholesterol medications.

Nick has changed my life—I now thrive on being physically active. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about making the physical and mental changes necessary to reach peak performance in their lives or sport.

–Susan Oasheim, Director-Project Management Office, BVSD

Eric's PhotoI have been working with Nick for five years. Throughout that time, we have accomplished a variety of goals. Before I started working with Nick, I had mainly been a runner. I could barely do 5 chin-ups in a row, and was very weak in my core. Nick has helped me become much stronger throughout my entire body, and, in general, more fit. Some of the goals we have accomplished include: dead-lift of 405 lbs (> 2x body weight), 100 squats in 10 mins (135 lbs), and 40 chin-ups in 4 minutes. One of the ancillary benefits of our workouts has been a great increase in core strength, and consequently, longer drives, longer iron distances, and overall more consistency in my golf game. I have gained a full club in iron distance since my workouts started.

Nick’s knowledge base spans a lot of areas. It’s nice to be able to bring him a question and have it answered. Whether it is a tweak I need to resolve, a goal I want to accomplish, nutrition issues, whatever it may be. Since working with Nick, I have had only minor aches and pains, but no major injuries. He takes time out for things like mobility and restoration when I need it. He knows when to rest and when to push hard. Nick’s background in biochemistry and nutrition has also been useful in helping me maintain a healthy, lean weight by eating the right types of foods. In general, I’d recommend Nick for anybody that wants a complete training program that sets them up for optimal health and performance.

–Eric McCabe, Partner-Ideas and Plans LLC

Ray's PhotoI’ve be working with Nick since January 2007. Occasionally, I have been asked, why have a personal trainer at all, and why work with one for so long? The answer is really quite simple: It works. Nick provides much more than just suggestions on what exercises one should do, how to perform them correctly, and how often to do them. His educational background and experience allow him to design training programs that work for you while respecting your goals, preferences, and abilities.

In my own case, I was not interested in dietary advice – I wasn’t going to change my diet or count calories. But by following the program he provided me I have actually lost weight while improving my strength and endurance. I cycled the Seattle to Portland bike ride a few years ago – a two-day 214 mile ride. I’ve also run the Bolder Boulder for the past 13 years, improving my time in almost each successive year, and can still “beat my age” by completing the 10K run in under 65 minutes. In addition to that, I was experiencing some lower-back pain that is now gone without having to resort to medical help, and I sleep much better compared to before I began the training program. So, as I mentioned above: I continue working with Nick because it absolutely works.

–Ray Bieber, Retired

ElishaProPicNick impressed me during the very first session, and has since kept me impressed (not an easy task!) As a former gymnast and a current fascia and pain relief specialist I tend to be hypercritical of fitness professionals-I expect to see proper movement and performance that doesn’t lead to injury during a workout. I’m extremely particular about who I train with, and even more so about who I refer my clients to.

I send clients to Nick because I know he can help with specific injuries-whether it’s knee pain, back pain, tissues not firing-you name it. His attention to detail and form is impeccable. He will make sure you’re doing every movement correctly, and the process is fun and easy.

What I most appreciate about Nick is his never-ending desire to keep learning. While working together, Nick wanted learn more about how I address the body in my own work. We spent the next 2 years teaching each other and “nerding out” on the human body. He taught me about strength and conditioning, I taught him about fascia; and together we learned a lot about how these elements of the body overlap and connect. During that time I could see Nick incorporating what he was learning about fascia into his way of training clients, creating a unique training method that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re looking for a trainer that understands optimal performance and how you obtain it-through healthy fascia, fitness, strength, nutrition, and movement…Nick is your guy!

-Elisha Celeste, Fascia/Pain Relief Specialist (

I belong in the woods, moving light and fast, covering ground mentally and physically. That’s where I thrive. My ability to do so came to a screeching halt when my right femur started randomly dislocating at the knee. After two and a half years of “top-notch” physical therapy, a great deal of depression and being told I would have to have knee replacements (at 35!!), I was introduced to Nick. To say working with Nick has been a life-altering experience would be an understatement! Not only have I never met someone with such an understanding of the human body, but the attention he pays to an individual’s needs, goals and movement patterns, as well as the relationships he develops with his clients is remarkable. Working with Nick hasn’t just saved me from unnecessary knee replacements, it’s restored my confidence in my body, and enabled me to thrive. Thanks, Nick

Tom Prudence, Entrepreneur

Susan's PhotoI trained with Nick for a couple of years before I had my son (including the first few months of my pregnancy). At the age of 38, I was in the best shape of my life. Having always been a runner and fairly fit, this says a lot. He helped me take both my form and my fitness to new levels…and I was having fun in the process!! The best part of it, however, was the ease of my pregnancy and recovery after my son was born. It was a really easy process and I was back to my old form in less than two weeks. I owe this almost entirely to Nick’s training and the fitness I achieved as a result.

–Susan Glow, Asset Manager