How to Perform the Turkish Get Up: 7 EASY STEPS

The Turkish Get Up is a great functional movement when done correctly. It can be useful for creating shoulder stability, hip mobility, strength throughout the trunk, while also providing a significant proprioceptive demand. Unfortunately, I often see the TGU executed in a manner that puts the trainee at risk for injury or just plain poorly. This post is meant to educate, so you can stay healthy and get the most out of your Turkish Get Up. Here’s a quick example of what the TGU will look like:

Now let’s break down this movement into 7 simple steps:

1) Setup. Stabilize the shoulder:

2) Trunk solid, drive through the heel & rise to elbow:

3) Proceed to hand with stable shoulder:

4) Bridge the hips with help from the glutes:

5) Sweep the leg! Plant knee under the center of mass:

6) Rotate the hip into a stable position:

7) Stand it up:

Then hit the process in reverse. I’ve been using the TGU with clients and in my own programming for years-I love it! It can be a tremendous full body functional movement for the right individuals. Proceed with caution or consult a professional if you’re unsure if it’s for you. Some examples of individuals I wouldn’t recommend the TGU for include: those with knee issues, shoulder pain, a weak trunk, and those with poor posture or spinal issues (excessive lordosis or thoracic kyphosis).