Elisha Celeste

EC Running Photo

Nick impressed me during the very first session, and has since kept me impressed (not an easy task!) As a former gymnast and a current fascia and pain relief specialist I tend to be hypercritical of fitness professionals-I expect to see proper movement and performance that doesn’t lead to injury during a workout. I’m extremely particular about who I train with, and even more so about who I refer my clients to.

I send clients to Nick because I know he can help with specific injuries-whether it’s knee pain, back pain, tissues not firing-you name it. His attention to detail and form is impeccable. He will make sure you’re doing every movement correctly, and the process is fun and easy.

What I most appreciate about Nick is his never-ending desire to keep learning. While working together, Nick wanted learn more about how I address the body in my own work. We spent the next 2 years teaching each other and “nerding out” on the human body. He taught me about strength and conditioning, I taught him about fascia; and together we learned a lot about how these elements of the body overlap and connect. During that time I could see Nick incorporating what he was learning about fascia into his way of training clients, creating a unique training method that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re looking for a trainer that understands optimal performance and how you obtain it-through healthy fascia, fitness, strength, nutrition, and movement…Nick is your guy!