Eric McCabe

Eric's PhotoI have been working with Nick for five years. Throughout that time, we have accomplished a variety of goals. Before I started working with Nick, I had mainly been a runner. I could barely do 5 chin-ups in a row, and was very weak in my core. Nick has helped me become much stronger throughout my entire body, and, in general, more fit. Some of the goals we have accomplished include: dead-lift of 405 lbs (> 2x body weight), 100 squats in 10 mins (135 lbs), and 40 chin-ups in 4 minutes. One of the ancillary benefits of our workouts has been a great increase in core strength, and consequently, longer drives, longer iron distances, and overall more consistency in my golf game. I have gained a full club in iron distance since my workouts started.

Nick’s knowledge base spans a lot of areas. It’s nice to be able to bring him a question and have it answered. Whether it is a tweak I need to resolve, a goal I want to accomplish, nutrition issues, whatever it may be. Since working with Nick, I have had only minor aches and pains, but no major injuries. He takes time out for things like mobility and restoration when I need it. He knows when to rest and when to push hard. Nick’s background in biochemistry and nutrition has also been useful in helping me maintain a healthy, lean weight by eating the right types of foods. In general, I’d recommend Nick for anybody that wants a complete training program that sets them up for optimal health and performance.

–Eric McCabe, Partner-Ideas and Plans LLC