Ray Bieber

Ray's PhotoI’ve be working with Nick since January 2007. Occasionally, I have been asked, why have a personal trainer at all, and why work with one for so long? The answer is really quite simple: It works. Nick provides much more than just suggestions on what exercises one should do, how to perform them correctly, and how often to do them. His educational background and experience allow him to design training programs that work for you while respecting your goals, preferences, and abilities.

In my own case, I was not interested in dietary advice – I wasn’t going to change my diet or count calories. But by following the program he provided me I have actually lost weight while improving my strength and endurance. I cycled the Seattle to Portland bike ride a few years ago – a two-day 214 mile ride. I’ve also run the Bolder Boulder for the past 13 years, improving my time in almost each successive year, and can still “beat my age” by completing the 10K run in under 65 minutes. In addition to that, I was experiencing some lower-back pain that is now gone without having to resort to medical help, and I sleep much better compared to before I began the training program. So, as I mentioned above: I continue working with Nick because it absolutely works.

–Ray Bieber, Retired