Simone Nicolò

Simone's PictureI have been working individually with Nick for almost 2 years and his professional expertise has immensely helped me in my fitness goals. This year, at age 40, I ran my fastest 5k and 10k ever. Working with Nick is a pleasure, he takes pride in what he does and is always willing to discuss and explain training strategies and physiology. His degree in Biochemistry also allows him to be extremely effective in complementing training with a nutritional program that will enhance your results. While training with Nick I underwent shoulder surgery due to an overuse climbing injury and by working with Nick, I was able to get back on climbing routes much earlier than doctors had estimated! Overall, Nick has been fantastic in helping me to surpass my fitness goals, all while keeping me healthy in the process and speeding up my shoulder recovery.

–Simone Nicolò, Senior Principal Engineer at Autodesk