Tristan Dear

Tristan's PhotoI trained with Nick while I was on my school’s dance team. The core strength, arm strength, and cardio improvements I achieved really helped me during practices and performances. He pushed me to my extreme and I left each session feeling both accomplished and fatigued. Nick is great because he’s able to motivate you to work harder-while still being clear about where your body should be and what you should be feeling.

I have devoted a lot of my own time to teaching and researching physiology, so I understand the importance of completing exercises correctly. Nick’s exercise physiology expertise is an essential attribute to ensure his clients have correct alignment and prevent injury. He is very thorough. I really appreciated the time Nick would take to explain and write down my exercise programs so that I could successfully complete well-rounded workouts on the days I did not train with him. He also helped me develop a more balanced and healthy diet to go along with my training program.

Nick is an excellent trainer that I would highly recommend to anyone. His energy and enthusiasm for training make his sessions fun, (yes, fun – I often got a bonus core workout from laughing) and I was beyond pleased with the improvements I made in physical fitness.

–Tristan Dear, Denver Broncos Cheerleader, Professional Research Assistant