It’s a program designed to promote a culture of health and wellness within your company.  The program provides company employees with the information and guidance necessary to improve their fitness, health, and overall lifestyle.

By improving employee lives along with your bottom line.  A corporate wellness program can help your business save money via decreased employee medical costs, fewer days off, and by taking advantage of government and insurance benefits.  Employers may also see positive behavioral changes in things like smoking, alcohol consumption, and diet.  Employees can see improvements in productivity, physiological markers, exercise adherence, and numerous other factors.

Effective programs are convenient, hold employees accountable, and time and cost effective.  Ineffective programs are challenging to get to or make time for, or provide stipends with little to no guidance.

No.  DHP has created a variety of programs for companies, including ones that utilized vacant conference rooms, were based around simple workshops, or even a series of lectures.

It’s about creating a company culture and leading by example.  We all know the basic things we need to do to be healthy, and sitting behind a desk isn’t one of them.  At DHP, we address your company’s specific goals and objectives and find out what the best way is to hold your employees accountable.  Let us make it easy for you to “buy in”, so you can be the change you want to see in your business.