Human performance training is DHP’s own personal brand of training. It takes into account your daily health, strength and conditioning, injuries, and more. Stressors of life come at you and the body is always in flux. We recognize that and make the adjustments necessary for you to perform at a high level on any given day.

We’re passionate about performance and improving lives-and we’ve been successful at it for a long time. Expect to learn new things, expect to challenge yourself, and expect a training experience different from any other.

Science. Our structured approach is based on getting results, not gimmicks or flash. We view the body as a whole, and our approach includes applied knowledge in areas like physics, biochemistry, physiology, and psychological kinesiology.

Helping people achieve success and improving others’ lives. Here’s an example: getting to see an athlete compete on the national stage while another client becomes capable of walking pain free… that was a great week!

We always have an initial assessment to make sure it’ll be a good fit for you. If we don’t click, you have an injury or need beyond the realm of what we do-we’re happy to make a referral to someone in our extensive network of practitioners.

Depends on the injury.  We do assess injuries and resolve imbalances. Often, those imbalances are contributing factors to the injury itself. And if you’re experiencing something beyond our scope, we’ll happily provide you with a referral to someone in our extensive network of practitioners.

We’ve heard this one before, and then helped changed some folks’ lives.  Practitioners are all different, and our backgrounds and approaches are unique.