Your Best Physical Self Realized

We deliver comprehensive training programs and services designed to improve your life. Our unique blend of science and ability enables individuals to achieve their own version of “high-performance.” Whether you’re an athlete, lead an active lifestyle, or coming back from an injury—we provide the means to get there.

Human performance training

Human performance training is DHP’s own personal brand of training. It takes into account your daily health, strength and conditioning, injuries, and more.

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The official “Cheat Sheet” for the Doyle Health and Performance dynamic warmup. Start your day, your training session, or warmup for your next adventure with this template. We do! The “Cheat Sheet” includes photos, descriptions, where and what to focus on so you’re ready for action.

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Corporate Wellness

Create a culture of health and wellbeing with a corporate wellness program. Through a proven program of specific stretches and exercises, your employees will be performing at their best. Some common benefits are decreasing the chance of workplace injuries, better moods, and a chance to get out of their chair and loosen up!

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