Training: Trust the Process

Training is an ongoing process that never ends, it just evolves. The optimal training program can yield new levels of performance or nothing at all. Embrace the journey to surpass your goals.

We all want to know how we’re progressing. Common general progress questions that come up include:

  1. Am I the only one that experiences aches, pains, ailments, or issues “x, y, and z?” I feel like I’m always addressing SOMETHING.
  2. What do I have to do to change characteristic “x” or improve my performance in “y?” I feel like I’m doing EVERYTHING RIGHT.
  3. How does this relate to my goals? I saw so-and-so doing movements “xyz,” and they’re bigger, faster, and stronger than I am-why aren’t we doing THOSE?
  4. Why am I not there yet? I feel like I should have surpassed my goals BY NOW!
  5. Am I making PROGRESS?

My response to statements like this is reminding individuals to embrace the training process. Sometimes we encounter plateaus and our progress seems to move at a snail’s pace. It can be frustrating when you’re mentally ready to crush but your body just isn’t physically ready to adapt. I experience it too.
But, when we’re doing the things we’re supposed to-we’re doing the best we can. Your body will adapt as well as it can given your genetics, environment, and daily stresses. That’s progress. However, if you’re not trusting the training process and adhering to your program, then it WILL take you longer to achieve your goals and you MAY NEVER reach them. That’s just spinning your wheels.

To address these concerns individually:

  1. You’re right-we’re ALL CONSTANTLY addressing something with our bodies. Do you brush your teeth everyday to prevent cavities? We live active lifestyles and demand a lot from our bodies-we’re bound to encounter some obstacles. But, even when we feel great, we’ve got to be proactive-addressing mobility, tissue quality, recovery, etc. to MAINTAIN performance and PREVENT obstacles from turning into setbacks.
  2. Are you TRULY doing everything right? Be honest and take a closer look-the answer is often no. And, if the item you want to change is unrealistic due to your genetics, lifestyle, whatever-stop worrying about what you CANNOT change.
  3. So-and-so looked pretty cool doing those movements too, didn’t they? The reason we’re not doing those movements is… YOU’RE NOT THEM! Your background, injury history, goals, current level of fitness, genetics, etc. are all UNIQUE TO YOU. Items in a training program relate to your goals based on these individual factors. How these items will help you achieve your goals can be explained by your coach/fitness professional. The SCIENCE behind your programming and embracing the training process will get you where you want to go.
  4. I know you feel like you should be there by now. That’s part of the human condition. We want results and we want them now. Understand that you are progressing, and you’ll continue to do so-but everyone progresses at a different rate. And, sometimes we plateau and need time or new stimuli. BE PATIENT and ENJOY THE JOURNEY!
  5. You tell me…

The training process involves taking care of our bodies, progressing, and reaching goals. And it never stops. We give ourselves the best chance to succeed by doing the things we know we should. Understand we’re always going to be somewhere on the physiological spectrum-training, recovering, warming up, preparing, performing. Also know-wherever you’re currently at on that spectrum is just fine. But, to make progress and be successful-we have to respect the training process.