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How to Perform the Turkish Get Up: 7 EASY STEPS

The Turkish Get Up is a great functional movement when done correctly. It can be useful for creating shoulder stability, hip mobility, strength throughout the trunk, while also providing a significant proprioceptive demand. Unfortunately, I often see the TGU executed in a manner that puts the trainee at risk for injury or just plain poorly.…

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Warming Up: Why It’s Important & How To Do It

Do you want to prevent injuries? Perform better? Warm up! Benefits: The appropriate warm up enables individuals to utilize their full functional potential. This means peak work capacity, increased coordination/neuromuscular control, and numerous other benefits… Allows muscles to handle large loads without causing injury Tissue warming increases mobility and allows muscles to contract harder and…

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Want Healthy Knees? How’s Your Butt Performing?

My butt? Performing? That’s right… how’s your glute activation, your glute strength-how well is your butt performing for YOU? Ever see your knees doing any of this? Hopefully not too much. While the knee is capable of some rotation inward and outward, it’s primarily designed to act as a hinge. Whether you lead an active…

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Strongman and Odd Object Training

Ever shake someone’s hand and it’s obvious how strong they are? Usually it’s a callused, rugged hand-unaware it’s squeezing every drop of blood out of yours. And those hands often belong to an individual making a living as a mechanic, metalworker, or from another type of manual labor. Some of the strongest people I’ve ever…

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Training Logs: Log Your PR’s!

LOG YOUR PR’S! How do you know you’re improving if you don’t know where you’ve been? Every Personal Record-maximal or not-that’s important to you or your goal(s) should get logged. My log includes data like PR’s, dates, loads, volume, goals, and more. I always pay extra attention to the goal-specific indicators in each training session-both…

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Physio Challenges: Do more, learn more, and perform better

Sometimes, it’s the small things that make the biggest difference. The human organism is great with adaptation. If it feels like you’ve adapted to that training program of yours or if you’re in need of a new challenge-it may be time to add in what I call “Physio Challenges.” Physio challenges are small, effective, and…

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